Jackson – i’ll show you MY ink *wink*

thanks to Twifans, we were told that Jackson has an interview up in INKED magazine – i’m TOTALLY going to ask my friend for some hookups with the mag AND some contact info – lol!

i seeeee you… little tattoo you on the lower ab above your croch ink….!


check out full coverage here


12 responses to “Jackson – i’ll show you MY ink *wink*

  1. “I’m lost”??? Can’t that seriously be EVERYONES moto? How personable he is, so stalk worthy, I have decided that I now love all the Cullen boys and will try to include Kellan and Jackson in the line up! YUM!!!!

  2. he totally doesn’t look like he’s “in pain” in all these recent pics. straight johnny depp appeal son!

  3. agreed! i was just gonna say he reminds me of johnny depp. lmao!

    he’s a cutie!

  4. When are you guys going to Canada or have you already?????

  5. And misslawncullen, you do look like Angela off Twilight, just sayin….YOu are way prettier of course, but strong reslembance!

  6. OH cool I bet you can’t wait! I can’t wait for you!!! *squeels*

  7. afjsdak;fbksd;fnasfjsdfn;aj.

    JACKSON ❤ ❤ ❤

  8. ahh, he’s gorgeous ❤ and that near cronch ink is enticing as hell.

    speaking of johnny depp appeal, i can’t help but think of edward scissorhands everytime the “in pain” line comes up in the movies =X

  9. sex on legs

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