Jackson Rathbone…call me.

After seeing these photos of Jackson from Nylon mag, I sorta fell a little bit more in love with him. Not that I’m saying I love Rpatz any less, but I think Jackson is the forgotten cutie.

Sorry girls, I’m so not all about Kellan or Taylor.

I’m a little sad that I don’t see many Jackson sightings in Vancouver.

So please help me find him, so I can make him love me.


ps. can we talk about how amazing his real name is?

Monroe Jackson Rathbone V


8 responses to “Jackson Rathbone…call me.

  1. he totally has some johnny depp appeal in that second pic. yummm.

  2. SWOON.

    He’s pure sex on legs in these pictures.

  3. sigh..sexy name for a very sexy man.. yummmm

  4. he can bone me anytime hahah

  5. Yes, he has the best name ever. I lurve me some Jackson! :]

  6. MMM I love me some Jackson Rathboner. I may have to do a special ladyboner post for him. He is my new favorite over Rob Pat. (OMGGG)

  7. i love him sooooooooooooooooooooooo much and he is the biggest southern style cutie that hollywood has ever known!!!!!!!!!

  8. ahh! i luvvvvvvv jackson! and ya his real name? sooooo hot……..love himmmm! cutest guy in hollywood forget robert never liked him i wan me some jackson!

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