Peter Facinelli is Prince Charming!

As much as I adored Dr. Cullen’s heroic and good-hearted character in Twilight, I think I love his real life counterpart just as much! Here’s a pic of Peter Facinelli being his wife Jennie Garth’s real life Prince Charming during a trip to Disneyland with their kids. Jennie unfortunately hurt her foot at home but still made it out to the park with the rest of the family and managed to get a swoon-worthy pic out of it too! I swear these two are adorable together, and Peter is looking more and more Dr. Cullen-esque everyday.

Pic courtesy of Access Hollywood


2 responses to “Peter Facinelli is Prince Charming!

  1. I have always liked Peter Facinelli.

    Aman-duh! ™Can’t Hardly Wait

    (And Fastlane anyone? DOPE show!)

    And Jennie Garth? B.H. 90210 is one of my favorite shows of all time (the original of course).

    Watched it for 10 years straight.


  2. I agree, 7. Boy…we are showing our age, huh?! Fastlane was the bomb…
    and yes, Can’t Hardly Wait – “I’ll kick everyones ass in here”. CLASSIC!

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