So like i said in the last TGIForks?! post, Lawn was on her way to the Bay for the Hellz party..   which is why we didnt post our WTFriday pic..  last night at the Hellz x Blcvk Scvle party we took a time out to rep WTF?! before bombarding the bar…  Happy Friday, indeed.  

Vancouver jumpoff!!!!   SEE YOU BITCHES THURSDAYY!!!!  


MissLawn | Raaachem | Doowaditty



3 responses to “Jumpoff!

  1. you guys are too fucking cute

  2. remember this + 6 more and 10x the debauchery in a few more days wooooo hoooo!

  3. DAMNIT! i wish i were there – why didn’t you hold an empty spot for me??? lol

    rach – extensions? HAHAHA YESSSS

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