Twilight All Ova Me.

Getting my nails did today after work and decided it would be a good time to get ’em Twilighted out (Like Jess did a while back) since I probably won’t get ’em done again before Vancouver. So I looked online for some inspiration and found some pretty cute stuff. My fave is this YouTube by BeenaBop, mostly because you can tell she put a lot of effort into it and because all the nails are a different design. Unfortunately, the shop I go too ain’t up on that funky rhinestone and gem hype so I’ll he limited but we’ll see what they come up with, wish me luck!


3 responses to “Twilight All Ova Me.

  1. PERFECT – sooooo trying to get this done!

  2. SWEET LAWT. I can’t handle it!

  3. Hiya, I just wanted to say thanx for showing my Twilight nail design on your blog ^_^ take care


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