today is friday.  it is payday.  it is also the day i look like armageddon.   seriously, i am NOT CUTE right now.  but!  i am getting my face (and liver) ready for tonight’s mayhem… Lawn’s in town for  the Hellz sample sale and HELLZ X BLVCK SCVLE party tonight.  we’re gonna paint the town RED!

So, with that said, we’re not taking our WTFriday picture till she gets here and i’ve had a chance to put my face on.  TRUST ME, u dont wanna see what i look like right now.  =)



its a nice ass day here in NYC… everyone is all smiles… EVERYONE but me. i’m stuck indoors until i get some work finished up for the day – WAAAAAAH i wanna ride my bike!!!!


i wish i was back home with you gals in SF so i can party like a rockstar with you – DOUBLE WAAAAAAH!



it’s so disgusting hot outside  in Florida right now.
I’m all about chilling inside with my hair wrapped up and no makeup.
and of course with Biscuit.

in need of cold weather NOW!



Ladies, WTForks are u doin today!!!?? !!!


6 responses to “TGIForks?!


  2. nice hair!

  3. Love your hair jess… Super kawai!!!

  4. yes yes everyone stole my hair comment. u are so in charge of mine when we’re in vancouver cuz right now i have marites hair. ask rach lmao.

  5. you guys are hilar!!!!! and it only takes me 15 min to do since my hurr be all damaged and shit! hahahha

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