New Moon behind the scenes vids

the 2 “New Moon” video clips that ET aired are up

(ok really, i tried SO HARD to embed these videos on here…  EPIC FAIL.  i seriously need to take a class or something cuz im about to get fired from wtf. lol.  )

just click the link and check em out!


3 responses to “New Moon behind the scenes vids

  1. Why does the reporter say that Edward leaves Bella bitten and nearly dead?? I feel they should have had someone with more interesting questions and more knowledge about the Saga.

  2. I agree becuas she was bitten in the first book of the and he didnt leave her nearly dad e saved her life.

  3. Whoa…hotness! And Jake is FRIGGIN HUGE!!! Right KoreyMar. I was thinking that too. Like, dude, did you WATCH the movie? Get with the program.

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