which twilight series character are you?

and NO bitches! you CAN’T say you’re bella just so you get to be edward’s main squeeze. i’m talkin like REAL talk. who do you think you’d be in the series?


i think i’d be a good angela.

  1. she’s bff’s with bella.
  2. shy, but knows when to talk when needed.
  3. supportive and can shut jessica the hell up when she has too.
  4. plus i’m always snapping pics with my camera

(however, i’d secretly wanna be bella of course, or alice hehe)



i think.. ok REAL TALK.. i think…  jessica. cuz (fuck im gonna get so much shit for this)..

  1. she talks to the new girl, but that dont mean she likes the new girl.  but then again, just cuz i’m nice enough to talk to u does not mean we’re friends.  lol.
  2. she thinks she’s kind of a big deal.  and well..  so do i.
  3. i’ll be damned if the dude i’m jockin tries to get at the new girl.  hello!  do u know who i am!?




Alice….hands down no doubt about it.

  1. I totally rather be a vampire than human.
  2. I have ESP. laugh it up….I swear I’ve predicted things in my life that ended up happening.
  3. If I can’t have Edward, I really wouldn’t mind Jasper.
  4. She’s super girly, and constantly trying to give Bella a makeover. I’m all about that.
  5. She loves to shop and throw parties. I’m pretty sure these are my favorite things to do in life.



Alice as well!

1) “See that weird girl over there? That’s Alice…” U don’t know how many times I’ve been called weird. And I’m constantly doing random, unecessary things like twirling myself around like Alice did with Jasper.

2) I’m tiny but full of energy

3) Definitely the nicest outta all my friends, and it takes a lot to make me mad but once I’m mad I’m jumpin on a mufucka’s back and breakin necks like Alice at the end of Twilight lol

4) Like Betsey, I l-l-l-love to plan parties and go shopping (But I’ll leave the makeover part to Betsey ‘cuz u do NOT want me doing ur hair or makeup)

5) I used to be pretty bad ass in baseball

and Rach, that is SO YOU lmao. I’m dying!



Ok first of all, I don’t give a fuck… I really am Bella! C’mon now, if Edward’s gonna fall in love w/ anyone it’s gonna be me (wishful thinking) BUT since I can’t be her, I guess I’m Renee cuz although I’m a late twenty-something, I swear I’m still a teenager.

Aww, who am I kidding? I’m Bella… teeeheee 🙂

what about you???


14 responses to “which twilight series character are you?

  1. My best friend says I’m Bella…I’m clumsy, I do ‘suffer in silence’ a lot, and I don’t like to be the center of attention (I avoid it if possible!).

    I even have hit someone in the head with a volleyball like that in gym class, but he wasn’t as nice as Mike.

  2. Everyone tells me I am like Alice because I am so small and spunky and pixie like, I have also been told I am like Renee, the crazy hairbrain momma type. I would rather be Alice, though!

  3. No question…


  4. Okay, fo’realz…
    I’ll admit I’m the Rosalie. Why – because I always yearn for the life I can’t have and envy those who have things i want, even if others might envy me in one way or another….
    Wow – that sounded sad, heehee

  5. OKAY! fo’real fo’real. i really think i’m Rosalie (minus the whole most beautiful person in the world [cuz i am FAR from that lol])

    I get jealous of those who have something i want.
    I can be a bitch. Where it’s almost cruel to my victim and i ALMOST feel bad… ALMOST (sorry victim).
    I always want MORE than i should.
    Family is a first priority.
    i’m pretty sure there is more but i can’t think of any of them. ahha.

    Maybe that’s why she’s my favorite character… i can relate to her demented way of reasoning. lol.

  6. Dude…

    Where is doowapretty today?

    And if I did not write so much anyway, I would ask to be an author because…

    While I am very comfortable around females and they have been some of my closest friends…

    I am beginning to feel a bit out of place posting as a guy who is not anti-Twilight – LOL!

    *Thinking to myself*

    Now where is that post of Kristen Stewart at the Adventureland movie premiere?

    She has got legs.

    LOL! That is SO not me (what I just typed above). I am simply trying to fit in with the girls! 😉

  7. Awww…

    I just tried to register whattheforks.com to donate to you gals… but it was already taken.

    *Sad Face*

  8. omg i just NOW read what Rach put and i can’t stop laughing.

    “2 .she thinks she’s kind of a big deal. and well.. so do i.”


  9. thepalaceplace

    Once my friend (who read all 4 books) was staring off into space, and then I said, “What are you seeing, Alice?” IDK who I am… Mix off Rosalie, Bella and Alice. (I dropped my fork (no pun) like 10 times yesterday!)

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