Johnny Depp’s blood in Twilight

ok ok ok.

soooo not THAT dramatic. but check out the photos! lily rose – daughter of johnny and vanessa is reading new moon!


hi johnny. call me.

i can lend lily rose my eclipse and breaking dawn copies…

personal delivery.

for serious.

holler at me on twitter or something. lol




info/image source via LAINEYGOSSIP


6 responses to “Johnny Depp’s blood in Twilight

  1. hi guys you know im all over this web site ..right when i wake up before work…but i love that little girl …ive helped her and her mommie several times…how exciting to see her reading the books…adorable

  2. She kind of looks like Dakota Fanning in that second pic.

  3. yeahh…so i work at a boutique here on sunset blvd and her and her mother come in and buy one day i assisted them to find things and i was a awwwe at how pretty this lil girl was..and how she looked like Johnny Depp….cuz mommie was not cute..but daughter was adorable!!! haha so thats how i helped her…maybe next time they come in I can kiss moms butt and we can talk about Twilight and mommie will like me and buy thousands of dollars worth of stuff..hahaha j/k

  4. No offece, but ho old is she? Theres some pretty advanced stuff in the other books if she moves onto them haha 🙂

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