is love in the air?

Rumor has it that Taylor’s been meeting w/ Selena Gomez (not sure if it’s cuz I’m old, but I seriously have no idea who she is) in Vancouver for lunch and dinner dates. I wonder if they’re hookin’ up cuz I could’ve sworn he had a girlfriend back home in Valencia (an inside tip from my cousin who knows his girlfriend)…

Is it possible that our sweet & innocent Taylor is a playa?! Hmmmmmm

According to Lainey Gossip, Selena and Tayolor have…

…been on 3 dinner dates, once at the Spaghetti Factory and I’m also told another time at The Keg – it’s a steakhouse chain here in Canada.

He also pops in to see her at lunch break when he’s not being a wolf in Twilight/New Moon. 


Is it just me, or do they totally look alike? Same nose, same eyesbrows, same chin… Well, if the rumors are true, I think they’d be the cutest couple in young hollywood.


3 responses to “is love in the air?

  1. Hmm. I guess Taylor hasn’t made up his mind. He said on ET last nite he was single. Haha. Anyway, they do make a cute couple! Selena Gomez is one of those Disney channel stars. Also, when she was younger, she was one of the kids on Barney. Imagine that. She has nice taste in guys though. ;]

  2. i heard it was just a rumor. .. but hey he is young and getting big in life and in body so the gurls are wanting him of course…. we will see…

  3. Yeah…frick i’m old.
    I have no clue who this is either. Apparently, I read in People or one of those gossip mags that her mother is like a mere 35 or 36 too, which means I’m like only 5 years or so younger…
    anotherwords, i could be this little chickys mom too.
    Yak – thats okay, cougar I may be…haha

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