ladies, meet the Edward that was Edward before RPatz was Edwawrd…

Mr. Henry Cavill

 and although he does look dark and mysterious and has a beautiful face… Jess said he looks “kind of.. OLD” and i have to agree. i dont think he could have passed for a 17 year old vampire. 

.. but on the other hand,  old is fine for my cougar ass cuz i am NOT tryin to go to jail.  hell to the no…!!  whatchu think gals?  Can we see him as Edward?


14 responses to “ed-word?

  1. no. he’s good looking dude but – no. plus, in every twilighters eyes r patz IS edward cullen so i can’t even imagine someone else playin him even if that someone else was better looking. if it aint broken dont fix it. it’s kinda hard to even think about sum1 else cuz ive already been conditioned haha.

  2. Yeah…he’s aaauright but no Rob. Still would do him though, hahahaha

  3. good looking dude but ……nah! Rob is perfect for Edward!

  4. good looking but waaaaaaay too old.

  5. i noe everyone has sed it but yea he’s kinda old looking. he’s good looking i’ll give him that just to old to be 17. he can be one of the guard or something.

    OH NO WAIT! he can be GARRETT!

    yea bring him on for breaking Dawn as the nomad Garrett. and then Olivia Wilde can be Kate…. awww. i’m going to write a letter to summit right now. ahha.

  6. I agree with jhalecullen he could definitely be Garret in Breaking Dawn, he would so be PERFECT FOR THAT ROLE!

  7. theolympiccoven

    im soo glad that robert pattinson got the part of edward. This guy is very old and i dont think he would of done a good job as robert, well obviosly, seeing as he didnt get the part and rob did.

  8. He does look a bit old especially to get through 4 movies without trying to age too much. He’d make a great Demetri though.
    And since we’re talking about Garrett…I picture Kevin McKidd from Grey’s Anatomy check him out here: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0571727/

  9. I read this on another blog. On this one maybe Hayden Christiansen would have made a good Edward. I agree.

    I just think they made an excellent choice in Robert

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