Robert Pattinson’s Buff Cousin?

So a few days ago I was watching a rerun of  MTV’s The Duel where CT goes ape shit on Adam. During the show I kept thinking to myself:

1) CT is so hot

2) CT is the biggest ASSHOLE (And not that good kinda asshole either)

and 3) CT totally reminds me of someone but I can’t quite put my finger on it…

Then, I realized that in certain angles (mostly in action and not stills, and of course with the hair) CT could be Robert Pattinson’s older, buffer, scruffier cousin. These aren’t the best pics but they’re all I could find for now. Can u guys see it, or am I just THAT BORED that my eyes are starting to play tricks on me?


12 responses to “Robert Pattinson’s Buff Cousin?

  1. ok…so i thought i was the only one that saw that. its cool but its weird.

  2. creeeeepy.
    but still not as good as rpatz.
    maybe it’s cause CT is soooooo obnoxious.
    but maybe if we just gagged him and he stayed quiet, it’d be ok.

  3. Omg I do see it. I never paid it any attention!! I swear Robert Pattinson is so gorgeous. I love his voice, eyes, etc…EVERYTHING about this man!! Lol

  4. Yes but still very much no no no – Rpatz isn’t a fave of mine but still. Btw that guy isn’t even remotely attractive?

  5. doowaditty wrote this?

    So disappointed *SMH*

    CT is SO not hot. And that attitude he has is so wack.

  6. dude ct is hottttt. Fuck his attitude tho.

  7. misslawncullen

    hahahaha… totally!!!

  8. i dunno man, unless half naked and chiseled isn’t ur type i think he’s pretty handsome lol. DEFINITELY not ugly at the very least. lol. but people definitely have their own tastes. and 7 he’s hot in my book. his attitude is a total turn off and makes me not ATTRACTED to him in that sense but there is no denying he is not bad on the eyes. i’m sure u wouldn’t think he wasn’t so bad if he was a nice dude and not the chauvenistic pig he is. (i so know i spelled that wrong) … ooh sounds like a blog topic to me lol. “the prettiest people do the ugliest things…”

  9. i meant to include these links

  10. “i’m sure u wouldn’t think he wasn’t so bad if he was a nice dude and not the chauvenistic pig he is.”

    You are quite right in that assessment. He is a complete punk. Has been since his Real World (Paris).

    The way he CONSTANTLY punks Adam (because he can) is turrible ™Charles Barkley.

    I have a feeling he might, “jump up” to someone his size or even bigger without hesitation (Adam is a really small dude)…

    But he might definitely get “beat down” if so. ©Brand Nubian

    P.S. He is actually a good looking guy. Surprising as I had not seen him since his makeover (YouTube Real World Paris and you will understand what I am speaking of). And that is not a knock – CT used to be quite unkempt. We are talking RPatz rumor status – he just did not look too clean. 😉

  11. Who would have guessed… no clips from that show (at all) on YT.

    (Of him anyway)

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