I’m wearing a beanie when i go to vancouver

apparently this is the “key look” when hanging out with RPatz… that means i get to wear my fav brown beanie =)



*by the way, whattup with all the hoopla about who’s riding with who in cabs? so the fuck what? ya’ll should be asking who’s riding WHO… if you know what i mean ;P

images via twifans


4 responses to “I’m wearing a beanie when i go to vancouver

  1. she looks so much more “Rosalie” stunning when she’s nikki reed than when she’s actually rosalie lol

  2. if he keeps wearing those beanies he is going to have pre-mature hairloss….serious

  3. Dear Nikki Reed,

    you are OBVIOUSLY tappin’ that… so please poke holes in the condoms and have his babies. ahahah. Have beautiful sparkly babies.


    Sorry i love RPatz and would b on that ride in a heart beat. but i just love the idea of him and nikki together even if it’s just a beneficial relationship. haha. i feel like i betrayed all my RPatz lovers for just admitting that. ahha.

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