I’m signing a lease with RPatz

Sam Bradley recently dished in an interview on Robert as his BFF & roommate in London.

Rob’s roommate qualities:
Best: great cook
Worst: neat freak

uhmmmm…..I’m pretty sure those things are two of the better qualities to find in a man. And if you can get them both in one….you better not let him go.

Move over Sam Bradley, I’ll be Rob’s roommate any day…..in a one bedroom apartment with special non-monetary rent payment agreements.



3 responses to “I’m signing a lease with RPatz

  1. HEY! did u guys here about Summit asking Nikki Reed & Micheal Ang*mumbles*-something (Kstew’s BF) to stay away from Vancouver for a bit?! just because all 3 of them hanging out is bad for PR. and it’s also bad for the rumors about Nikki and Rob being together!

    that’s kinda crazy. okay scratch that… that’s HELLA crazy!

    i read it on Lainey Gossip…

    Mind you i only skimmed through it. lol. but i think i got the main point.

  2. uhm HELLO – he cooks?!?! can he cook me some fkn ADOBO??

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