Breaking Dawn… uhm ok.. WTF?!


alright ladies. with the confirmation that breaking dawn WILL be made into a movie. a WTFew things that i would like to know – actually, more like a GAHJILLION questions i have in mind for this movie:

**DISCLAIMER: PLEASE DON’T PROCEED IF YOU HAVE NOT READ BREAKING DAWN (in which case, WTForks are you doing reading the blog? LOL)**

  1. will they show them all naked and shit in the water??? because i’d LOVE to see how that marble wang looks like.
  2. will they show the BOW-CHICKA-WOW-WOOOW scene where bed posts are broken, pillows are ripped apart, and bruises are made?! OH PLEASE! I HOPE SO!!!!
  3. will they up the rating to R? because that would INSURE a nice bit of nudity – woohoooo!
  4. ok, the preggers scene and the birth scene – GOOD LORD it better be good and crazy! and i wonder who’ll play renesmee…
  5. after this, i’m SURE i’ll definitely fall in love with edward all over again to see him as a father figure… (ok this wasn’t a question, more like a statement, but whatever)
  6. i wonder what island/beach they’ll use… because i’m picturing isle esme to be BEAUTIFULLLLLL
  7. oh! i wonder if they’ll show like flashbacks of emmett and rosalie’s sexcapades LOL
  8. is taylor gonna be shot all nakey too??? oooh BOY – ok now i feel like a pedifile… yikes

ok folks – what are YOU expecting out of this movie???


11 responses to “Breaking Dawn… uhm ok.. WTF?!

  1. 1. if her turning into a vamp was ANYTHING like when she got bit in Twilight (cuz i swear she looked like she was having an orgasm) then i cannot WAIT to see that one.

    2. about the marble wang. … ummmm… ITS A MARBLE WANG!

    3. when we find out where isle esme is… (i’m praying for somewhere like fiji.. or tahiti… moorea.. bora bora.. shit, i will even settle for hawaii) WE ARE TAKING A TRIP so WTFly ladies, make sure ur passports will still be good then!

    4. and now i just lost my train of thought thinking about our future island trip with the marble wang. GAH!

    • HAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHAHHA – oooh glorious marble edward…. thinking about that post lawn did when we could change his outfit and shit… you know… the cartoon one… LOL

  2. misslawncullen

    1. The water scene w/ the marble wang
    2. The bedroom scene w/ the feathers, head board and marble wang
    3. oh and definitely the marble wang!!!

  3. waaaaaaaah! BUT come on we all know they’re gonna eventually film it.

  4. **DISCLAIMER: PLEASE DON’T PROCEED IF YOU HAVE NOT READ BREAKING DAWN (in which case, WTForks are you doing reading the blog? LOL)**

    Thanks for the disclaimer.

    (And I guess I am no longer welcome here):


  5. i am so fucking happy to hear this. when i heard before that they weren’t gonna make this movie i was pissed. now i’m uber happy haha.

    i agree with all those quetions and what not. it should be rated R!!!

  6. Ooooh and their first time alone in their new home and they pulled an all nighter and she was able to be an equal participant…A HUH!

  7. Yes to all of the above. EVERY scene on isle esme has to be in full detail…none of this skipping stuff.

    And hells ya to the marble wang !

  8. oh. my. word.
    I am so super excited about this movie already.
    because you may not know it, and neither may the
    producers, but I am going to act in it.
    because. there are some facts you just can’t ignore.
    1. I go to acting school. I am good at this shit.
    2. I’m cold all the time.
    3. my name is Victoria. really.
    4. my birthday is on the 10th of september. really. (renesmée!!)
    5. I would totally fit into the cast, with their kind of humor and their styles and stuff.
    6. lemme play Kate from the Denali coven. I SWEAR you won’t need special effects for that electronic current on my skin once I see RPatz.

    the only thing is, I’m German. though I do think my english is kinda nifty, I’m really not sure whether they will ever pay attention to my application
    papers. shoot.

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