Greetings from The Cullens

There’s been a lot of pics circulating around of the cast during the filming of New Moon & some of the pics of R.Patz as Edward Cullen have been making us question whether or not he looks as hot as he did in Twilight? Something about his hair was just off… right?!

BUUUUUT in this video featuring The Cullen Family rockin’ what seems to be Bella’s birthday party outfits, R.Patz is looking mmmmm mmmm good, dontchu think?! The rest of the cast looks pretty good too, however I’m not feelin’ Jasper’s new do.


2 responses to “Greetings from The Cullens

  1. “Live Long & Prosper!” ahahahha! Where my treky’s at?! hahaha. aww that was a nerd moment.

  2. HOLY COW! HOW? WHAT? WHEN? WHERE? ok, i’ll shut up – edward looks GOOOOOOOD

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