Rob + Coachella = I’m super bummed

Last night I was reading all these blogs saying that R.Patz was at Coachella “wearing skinny cut-off jeans” while watching Morrisey. (Hmmm, I wonder what that looks like) I nearly lost my shit cuz I was supposed to go but opted to come to San Diego and hang out w/ fam’. I was texting friends at Coachella telling them I’d never speak to them again if they met or layed eyes on R.Patz… yeah totally hating!!!

But I prayed and prayed that he wasn’t there… and my prayers came true!!! According, to Malicious Mandy, she met him along w/ Nikki & Kristen at The Dills Show at The Met downtown (Abbott St.) Vancouver… LAST NIGHT! Pheewww!!!



2 responses to “Rob + Coachella = I’m super bummed

  1. ok, kristen’s wearing some really cute glasses – i’m thinking that we’ll definitely fit in with them in our attire lol

    • misslawncullen

      yeah, i totally have those same prescription glasses but i can’t find them… gaahhh!!! me and kristen could sooooo be twinsies therefore she’d wanna hang w/ us… NOTE TO SELF: must find fendi glasses!

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