its that time of the week again…

its a sunshiney day in SF (77 degrees!) and i REALLY wish i was back in hawaii right now.   i’m sitting here looking thru my hawaii album and counting the days till i get back there in august.   instead of showin u what i’m doing right now, i thought i’d show you what i’m staring at…

Zippy’s WTFried Chicken Chilli Mix Plate.   this is always always always my WTFirst and last stop when i get to the rock.   someone take me back here ASAP.

13  more days till Vancouverrrrr!!!!!



Doowaditty reporting live here from under my desk because there’s temps in the office and I don’t want them to catch me leading a BAD example. But to NOT post the mandatory TGIForks pic would be blasphemous! LOL now that’s dedication.


2 more weeks and I’m going nuts… i CAN NOT wait until our Road to New Moon!!! Right now i’m in NY w/ my girls, Julie & Angela at my showroom enjoying this sunny friday afternoon. WHAT THE FORKS SON!!!!




just got my first cavity filled. yay.

like the do? practicing for vancouver so i can look sexy =)

did it work? HAHAHHA *that’s simone’s gift i’m holding up… belated bday gift lol



6 responses to “TGIForks?!

  1. damn ! now i want zippys ! their chilli and rice..chilli and ANYTHING is good.

  2. lawn, BEST PIC EVER! throwin up the W… westside? naaahhhh… WestTheForks! hahaha.


  4. and on that note, anyone on the trip an mua cuz rach has seen me ATTEMPT to put on eyeshadow. help? anybody? pls?

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