Melissa on the Road to New Moon


Name:  Melissa, Melika, Mel

Age: 27ish

City:  Beautiful Orange County, CA

Status: Married w/ children. House full of boys

Occupation:  24/7 mama. I work for free

Interests:  A gallon of coffee in the morning. Food, Food, Food.  Reading, lots of reading. Hot Rods.  50’s hair and fashion. People watching.  and of course Twilight.

Why are you on the Road to New Moon:  Why the heck not???  What better way to go than with a group of HOT Twilight fans who share the same obsession.


7 responses to “Melissa on the Road to New Moon

  1. Since my Ol lady is going on this tour, then my friends and I are gunna do a tour based on the ’87 classic, North Shore. Start in Arizona to Hawaii.

  2. oh dont even MENTION hawaiii because i will totally invite myself. hahaha… its like going hommmeee…

  3. Excuse the ol man… I didn’t even know he checks out the blog… Nice

  4. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA – welcome mel!!! we’ll take good care of you =)

  5. how come when i read ur comment jess i hella could hear a dr. evil *pinky to the mouth* muhahahahaha laugh?

  6. Yeah Pluey! Representin!

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