Twilight inspired MY LITTLE PONY?!

OMMMGGGGGG – this is AMAAAZING – i need this!!! love love love the details!


source/image via jupiterwndlnd


8 responses to “Twilight inspired MY LITTLE PONY?!

  1. Where can I get that?? I NEED me a pony!

  2. Oh, did you find those on

    • yes via jupiternwndrlnd!

      • Ninja Fanpire

        Did she asks the artists permission? Just checking, because used the same photo, and the artist was mad. However, I told her they did give her credit, which she hadn’t noticied (and, I didn’t the first time I read the article either). That seemed to ease their anger a bit, but still, permission was not asked.

      • Ninja Fanpire

        Doi, jupiternwndrlnd IS the artist. Alright, well whoever put the photo here I hope permission was asked.

    • hopefully they read our disclaimer? =) regardless – its an AMAZING piece of work

  3. omhell. I WANT I WANT I WANT. and i’m laughing because i had that exact same hair a few years ago.

  4. Sooooo cute! I totally want one.

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