scaVANger hunt.

15 days and counting…till our trip.  i dont know if i can even contain my excitement. like FORREAL FORREAL. 


i’ve already started packing in my head and our itinerary is pretty flawless.  reservations and appointments have been made and directions are printed out.   but, i DID want to pose a fun game for you guys…

what did YOU want to see us do in vancouver?  (well besides sexy time w/ RPAT and the rest of the crew of course).   think of it as a WTF scavenger hunt…  you post up what u wanna see, and we’ll try our best to make it happen!  i.e. take a pic w/ the “welcome to canada” sign, etc etc etc.   ya digg???

cuz again, we do all of this for u guys.   and we absolutely will be thinking about our readers on this trip.  holla at us!


6 responses to “scaVANger hunt.

  1. what dates will you be there??? I think I will be there from the 24th to the 28th! let me know

  2. ps send me the game and I will see if I can do it too….

  3. My son-he’s 6-wants you to take a pic of a seal. 🙂
    My challenge: make a WTForks sign or sticky and get as many people (especially Twihards and locals) as you can to take a pic with it, major points if you get the Twilight cast or crew to do it!

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  5. XxxmusicsongxxX

    Hmmmmm wat embarressing thing should i make u all do.. lol no jkkk. I think that you should go there and…. create a song. But the song has to be sooooo dorkish, you need to make a dance to it. AND THEN you need to show it to anyone you meet, and try to get it played at dances, weddings, sacrifical cerimonies, WHATEVER! I will give u guys cookies (oh right, and spread the word about the blog..) if i hear it @ the dance @ my school in Massachusets. Hmmmm youtube helping-promoteing anyone????

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