so, its Monday.  and we’ve only posted one thing.  


because there is absolutely NOTHING NEW that is remotely interesting to write/read about.  my thing is, if i wouldnt read about it, i won’t write about it.  and, well…  everything i’ve read today makes me wanna take a nap or something.   BBOOORRIIINNNGGG. 

so, my WTFriends,  i’ve just decided to play with the colors and fonts on our WTFancouver trip itinerary.  lol.   i’ll let u guys know when a new piece of Twilight info tickles my fancy. 

Enjoy your Monday, ladies!


8 responses to “*yawn*

  1. OOOOH – hot pink included???

  2. here’s a story for you. i don’t know if it’s funny. but it made me feel like an idiot.

    So i was in the car wid my mom and Jaelyn (jillian’s kid) drivin on the freeway. and i’m mindin my own business on my crackberry. and then i hear my mom go “they kill all the vampires” and out of some weird twilight reflex i didn’t mean to but i screamed.


    my mom stops talking and looks at me and goes…

    “Who the hell is Edward?”

    i turned HELLA red….

  3. Are any guys going to Forks?

    • 6 of the 9 of us going to vancouver are trying to go to forks… but its a long drive especially if we’re trying to get to vancouver before midnight lol

  4. There cannot be news every day. But there are new people being exposed to Twilight every day. I just saw the movie for the first time yesterday. I am like the newest newb. 😦

    So here is the take of a new guy. It is not news but it may be an interesting perspective for you if you are still bored:


  5. hahaha that shit is hilarious!! EDWARD NO!

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