FFF: Elizabeth Reaser aka Esme Cullen

It’s been awhile since we’ve done our Five Fun Facts about our fave cast members and I couldn’t remember who we were missing out of the Cullen clan & then I realized… Oh shit, we’ve totally forgotten about Esme. I mean I gotta admit, she’s not the most exciting of the crew and I actually had to google:

Esme + Twilight + Actress

to find out her name and voila it’s Elizabeth Reaser. Ugh yeah sorry, I had no clue prior to today… maahhh baaaad!!!


So here you go folks, FFF with Elizabeth Reaser, which btw was difficult to dig up… there’s barely anything about her on the net. 


  1. According to PETA, she’s listed as being a vegetarian… haha, just like in Twilight 
  2. She onnce appeared in a play in London for only two audience members.
  3. According to Movietome.com, Elizabeth can kiss her own elbow… how many of you just tried to do it?! Haha!!
  4. She’s the step daughter to Detroit Pistons owner Bill Davidson.
  5. Throughout 2007, Reaser was on the television series Grey’s Anatomy as an unidentified pregnant woman suffering from amnesia.


Was that the most boring FFF we’ve done so far or what?!


5 responses to “FFF: Elizabeth Reaser aka Esme Cullen

  1. you forgot to mention how her series The Ex List got canceled after a couple of episodes.

    and how on Grey’s anatomy she went crazy and soiled herself. hahaha.

  2. zzzZZZzZzzzz… at least she did esme good!!!!

  3. HAHAHA she shit herself of Grey’s Anatomy! Man that must have SUCKED to do that scene. I wonder if they were laughing while they tried to shoot. Laughing so hard they shit themselves! Yeah so that was boring…

  4. franklintaylorsmith

    If you want FUNNY…see her in Puccinni for Beginners…she plays a lesbian, then a hasbien and then………..

    She is seriously HOT to both sexes…

    And for pure Juilliard School (she graduated from there) see SWEET LAND…she was so awesome in that movie. tfs

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