19 days and counting till our trip, per Jess’ aim status.  its like my own personal countdown clock.  hahaha.   super antsy..  here we go for WTFriday, yo!


[the mayor]

me, at work, at the asscrack of dawn (u would think there’d be better lighting but NO)…  but on my screen there is our VANCOUVER itinerary.  yeah uh huh. i’m a lil anal retentive when it comes to vacation itineraries so leave me alone.  hahaha




My friend that works at SFO saw me n goes, “U look so … pale?!” To which I replied, “Like a vampire?” YESSSSS.  Anyway, see y’all again on monday, I’ll be having wtfuckin good times at Disneyland ’till then!




my bosses dragged our asses out early yesterday to some german bar because we’re off today. let’s just say i don’t fair well with litre jugs of beer and litre jugs of jack and coke…

this is how my hair wakes up in the morning and i always wake up to these two mags sitting by my bedside. and you best believe i’m not tryin to show you my WTFace hangover look…





in the interest of maintaining a professional appearance at my job i have taped the Lautner poster to the side of my filing cabinet under my desk. hahaha

I only pull it out when i need to glance at it for some motivation. I need a LOT of motivation today so i think im just going to keep the filing cabinet pulled out and tlted to the side.

hahaha. the weekend is hours away jeeeze i cant wait!!!

WTF are YOU doin today??


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