Parking Lot Pimpin!


DAAAHHHH photos of the cast filming in the Forks High Parking Lot!!! OOOooOoo i wonder if this is the scene where he offers to mail out the photo album to her mother for her and then meet her back at Charlies house… Im getting depressed just thinking about it. How many people were genuinely SAD when they read that part of the book. My cousin who isnt that hard on Twilight at all called me up and sounded so depressed. “She was like Vickie im sad, im really sad! How could he do that???”  innntense


He has the contacts in!!!!!!::EXCITEMENT::  Pics are from


6 responses to “Parking Lot Pimpin!

  1. is it just me, or is he just NOT THAT CUTE right now….???? please tell me it was just for the “effects” please tell me he’ll look just as good as he did in twilight – GAAAHHHH – his eyebrows are too thick!!! that’s what it is!

  2. OH – and his sideburns are too long! WTF – if they’re already dead, shouldn’t they NOT be growing any hair??

  3. real talk, the part of the book where it just lists the months.. that shit broke my SOUL.

  4. is it just me…or
    Wtf is up with jacobs doo??
    you can totally see his big head of real hair under there???

    Not having time toRE-read all the books is depressing enough for me….and yes how could he do that to her….

  5. ugh just checked the post again… sideburns NEED to go…

  6. I started crying when i read the part where he leaves her!!!! so sad!

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