he’s “bite ur lip” hot.

more like…  bite my neck hot.  choke on my breath hot.  i st-st-stutter hot. can’t look at him for more than 0.03 seconds for fear of death hot.  GOOD FUCKING GOD.


check out the rest of his pics here.  ladies, if we run into him in Van, i’ll take one for the team with this one.   DIBS!


5 responses to “he’s “bite ur lip” hot.

  1. you BIATCH! i found the link – well actually christine did – so I GET FIRST DIBS!!! =p

  2. I was amazed to see how hot he is in person… I wonder if he’ll remember me & josie if we see him in van 🙂

  3. so not that into him….but damn he’s loookin goooooooood.
    I think its the beanie.

  4. yo rock paper scissors shoot. ill play you all for first dibs. best 2 outta 3 man hahaha

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