edward cullen knows wussup…

So for those of you who are familiar with my clothing brand, Hellz and/or “streetwear” than you know about a not so little brand that my friends do called Crooks & Castles. They’re the leading male brand in the streetwear industry & anybody who’s anybody rocks Crooks… Jay-Z, Nas, TI, Edward Cullen, Ludacris, Rick Ross… wait wait wait… REEEEWIND!!!

Yup, yah heard right… Edward Cullen rocks Crooks!!! Yah, here that FuckTheForks?! That’s right…. the man you sooo despise (yet we love-love-love) rocks the very same brand you do, so ha!


I first caught this while watching the dvd special features and my husband yelled out,

“Rewind that!!! That fucker’s wearing Crooks!!!”

First of all, I didn’t even realize my husband was watching and secondly he ain’t a fucker, fucker!!! But despite the familiar “CC” artwork on his left chest, for some reason I found it really hard to believe that our R.Patz knew wussup in the streetwear game, that was UNTIL Dennis from Crooks sent the screen grab above to confirm that, yes Edward rocks Crooks. 

OMG… that just makes him even hotter!!!


7 responses to “edward cullen knows wussup…

  1. this really does make robert hotter. crooks and castles is fuckin’ awesome!

  2. OMG – when i saw that, i didn’t know it was crooks – i just thought it was “C” for Cullen – hahahahhahaha! lawn – we need to get up with dennis, bobby, and the rest of the fairfax gang and bombard the stylist!!! – christine is already bringing a ton of shit (like jeremy scott x adidas!) and shoes! – let’s do it! i’m going to tell mark to send me some fatlace shit AHAHHAHA

  3. OMG!!! WHAAAAAATTT?!?!?! holy fucking shit i didnt catch that!! urgh, i love him.


  5. VAMPIRE got swag! hot-diggity-daym!

  6. lol i think Rob Pattz is up on his streetwear. I found a pic of him in E-Cullen.org from his movie “How To Be” and im pretty sure thats an Alife tee under his coat, no?


    Either way, gotta love Rob<3

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