Betsey J on the Road to New Moon


Name:  Betsey J

Age:  25

City:  sunny Miami

Status:  In a Relationship.  with the bomb puppy dog.

Occupation:  9-5 office girl, make-up artist

Other:  blogger, Betsey J and party promotor

Interests:  Twilight, fashion, my dog biscuit, make up, shopping,  dancing, traveling

Why are you on the Road to New Moon?:  obviously to steal rpatz heart, make kristen my best friend, to show the world, the cast, & author that Twilight isn’t just about hot actors or just for tweens, its about bringing a bunch of people together to celebrate the awesome series.


2 responses to “Betsey J on the Road to New Moon

  1. lol.
    I like how it loooks like I’m in a relationship with my dog.


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