TeamJake meets JCullenBlack for lunch

and she brings the fkn BOP mag – HOW EMBARASSING! we had to go all incognito with the photos so pardon the blurry pics!!!


uhm… salmon is not cooked. WTForks?! “i didn’t read the fine print…” – i reminded her, we’re doing this diet for WTFancouver – EAT UP!


WTFuck it, she’s on a mission…



OMG – the waiters thought we were CRAZY


i haven’t laughed this hard in a LONG time, thank you TEAM JAKE – enjoy your Taylor poster, i’m putting mine up in my room! HAHAHAHAHHAA!


2 responses to “TeamJake meets JCullenBlack for lunch

  1. LOL yeah the entire lunch hour was hilarious. and the waiters/ customers did think we were crazy i wish i got a shot of that little girl hanging over the seat starring at us! lololol. ohhhh wellz i never go in that restaurant anyway. hahaha

  2. Now just imagine that.. Times NINE. Omg Vancouver ain’t ready for us!

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