oi vay…

… R.Patz is lookin’ mmm mmm good in this pic that didn’t appear in Dossier magazine. This pic totally blows all the other pics away from that shoot, if you ask me. Have you ever seen a man look this good in a wife beater in jeans?! I haven’t!!!

“In the exclusive photo, which doesn’t appear in the magazine’s spread, the “Twilight” star is clad in a tight white tank and tight jeans, smoldering in the way only he can. Let’s not forget the fact that his signature hair is looking very bed-head messy and particularly Edward Cullen-like.”

I’m still trying to figure out how to do this to my husband’s hair…

01_robert_pattinson_excl Check out the rest of the article here.


3 responses to “oi vay…

  1. HOLY! I would put this on my ceiling anyday!

  2. Since I c it from my bb, I don’t think he’s georgous as he in the movie in other word he looks scary..or is it bcause he forgets to put powder on his face??

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