new moon trailer

reports say that David Thompson Secondary School in Vancouver are being used as the set for Forks High School where KStew and Stephanie Meyer made appearances in today’s filming.  There have also been sightings at Ridge Theater and Varsity Ridge bowling alley.

ummm…  i think i could pass for 16 again if i lay easy on the makeup, eh?  maybe i could pass for a student while in town and sneak into the background of one of the scenes.  hahaha.  Ladies?  lets make it happen!!!   Also, the cast has been spotted shopping at Robson.  TRUST we will be here.  TTRRUUSSSTTT!!!

also, check out this fan made New Moon trailer.  its the best one that i’ve seen yet!  this bitch is GOOOOODDD.  and after seeing this i giggled like a lil girl.  hehehe..


5 responses to “new moon trailer

  1. i actually used this EXACT video’s audio for my Macbeth movie Trailer video for my english class. lol.

  2. oh yeah i forgot to add… yea this is one of the best ones i’ve seen.

  3. HOLY SHIT. i just got goosebumps!

  4. i like how they got scenes from the convenant in there lol. too bad he’s really not in the film he wouldve been a damn good wolfpack member yummmm.

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