Forks Twilight Tour

so you all know that we’re taking a trip to Vancouver..   but we’re also trying to make it to Forks, Washington on the way to/from Seattle.   the girls and i have been working hard on our itinerary and would like to thank you all so much for your ideas and suggestions for our trip.  it will be WTFucking EPIC!

IF we get the chance to make it to Forks,  we might check out these girls, Alisha and Amy, who give a tour of Forks

Making a visit to the Pacific Northwest? If so, why not stop in and see the home to Edward Cullens and Bella Swan – the one and only Forks, Washington! While you’re there, you can swing by La Push to visit Jacob’s stomping grounds, and swing up to Port Angeles where some exciting moments happened for Bella in Twilight.

Join our lovely guides Alisha and Amy as they walk you through the sites you’ll see on your very own Twilight Tour!

What You’ll Need
  • Camera
  • Walking shoes
  • Rain resistant clothing!


1) Forks Washington Visitors Center

2) The Cullen House

3) Forks High School

4) Forks Police Station

5) Forks Outfitters

6) Bella Swan’s House

7) Forks Community Hospital

8) La Push, First Beach, Quileute Reservation

9) Port Angeles – Gottschalks

10) Port Angeles – Port Book and News

11) Port Angeles – Bella Italia

it MIGHT just work out so we can NOT stress about the shit we need to see when we’re here…    hmmm….    i wonder if we can get this into our schedule.


5 responses to “Forks Twilight Tour

  1. jonettecullen

    It sounds like you guys have every place covered! I’m so jealous, but hopefully we will get to go soon too. Are y’all staying in a Twilight themed hotel room? That’s one thing I’m looking forward to when we go.

    I hope y’all have fun and take tons of pictures!

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  3. When are you planning on going?

    Me & 2 friends are already booked for a week in Forks! 🙂

    Only 32 days and counting until our plane lands!

  4. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaH eu não acreeedito , tiiiaaaaaaaas é tudoo perfeeeeeeeeeitoo . aaameeeeeeeeeeei *———————*

  5. Oh sobrinha querida , eu tirei pra você .
    pois sei que você ama crepúsculo . é so para te passar vontade . rsrsrsrsrsrs , quando voltarmos ai pro brazil levarei uma lembrancinha pra você .
    Beijos da titia que te ama muito .

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