I am NOT a teeny-bopper. However the fine dude at the counter of blockbuster will have a hard time believing otherwise.

So i ran to blockbuster last night to return some movies before it closed and of course i rummage thru the magazine rack looking for ANYTHING twlight

Of course i happen across BOP. I cant help but feel this magazine was created for teeny BOPpers specifically. Ecspecially given the appearance….

BOP - front

the scanner did not do this mag justice. the pink was so bright and jarring i was almost dizzy from staring at the cover for too long.

So im thinkin no way am i walking up to the counter with this magazine while there is this FIIIIIINE dude standing there waiting for something.  I figure ill just take a pic of the articles relating to R.Patt and Taylor Lautner with my phone and blog about it later. Great idea, right? but then i turn it over and i realize…


2 of those 12 HUGE posters are of R.Patt ( WITH HIS SIGNATURE) and Taylor Lautner. DI-LEMMA.  I look up to the counter.. yup fine man is STILL standing there and WORSE he caught me looking and flashed a smile at me. Great,  no way im getting past him undetected now. BUT NO WAY am i leaving these HUGE posters behind.  I proceeded to take one for the Team.  AND not even the right team, because Lautner is on the back of the R.Patt poster. I cant hang both, and sorry Jacob but Edward wins this battle…

so i walk up to the counter and im buying a few things, i have the magazine hidden under it all, hoping the guy will never see. But my luck, he starts talking to me. Im mumbling im looking around im blushing. And he is avidly trying to get my full attention, UNTIL the cashier pulls out the BOP magazine from under the pile and rings it up. The cute dude stops speaking, abruptly. Like mid-sentence. and never says another word. it was about 2 minutes of silence as i swiped my card and waited of the receipt. The most awkward silence of the LONGEST 2 minutes i have yet to experience this year.

lololol. That was for you team Edward.


3 responses to “Embarrassing!


  2. Girl I feel your pain, I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked “Is this for your daughter?” And it’s the worst when it’s a hot guy at the counter. Thanks for the heads up though, I’m on my way to Blockbuster now!

  3. hahaha no problem! i feel like breaking out into a chorus of Michael Jackson’s You Are Not Aloooone.

    i think everyone should talk about their most embarassing twilight moments. 🙂

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