the mayor’s in the house!!!

Raaachem, aka The New Mayor of Forks flew into LA for the day so we could grab some lunch… yeah seriously, she’s here for the day to eat breakfast, lunch and grab another bite at the infamous Kogi truck before her flight back to SF tonite… ugh, can I say, JETSETTERRRR!!!


Here we are chillin’ at my office (pardon the mess) and of course Raach’ had to toss up the W… for WTForks, of course!!! Oh, and no that’s not a peace sign I’m tossin’ up… it’s a V for Vampire!!! Hahaha…


4 responses to “the mayor’s in the house!!!

  1. damnit rach! i got that same top from f21! HAHAHHAHAHA – you guys are HILAR!

  2. i thought edward was supposed to be in this picture? hahahaha… @jess, that top gave me so many problems yesterday it wasnt even FUNNY.

  3. also, my arm looks disgustingly humongous. gross!

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