TeamJAKE Heaven.

If only I was a Minor


Alright TEAM JACOB, those on the fence, and those briefly visiting the Res behind Edwards back 🙂

I welcome you all to this info >>> JACOB BLACK SIGHTING!!!!!! YAAAAY 🙂

He was spotted during the filming of my favorite scene with Jacob before he shapeshifts into a wolf.  His “date” with Bella at the movies while he completely plays out Mike. HAHAHA-HA. poor Mike cant catch a break between Edward and Jake.

He actually came out just to say hi to fans, take pics and sign autographs. How can you not love this guy!? so sweet!

view more pics!



enjoy more pics from the source here


7 responses to “TeamJAKE Heaven.

  1. He looks like a girl in this pic. ugh

  2. LipsLikeSugar

    he kinda looks like a mouse here

  3. It’s mouse girl.

  4. WOW! I would totally skip school and hop on the back of his motorcycle! Taylor Lautner is SMOKIN HOT! and I don’t even care that he is only 17.

  5. ome!!! he is so cute and sweet and he is living up to the Jake standered.

    oh and Edward does need to be very worried… all his Team Edward fans are moving to the Team Jaboc side.. 🙂

  6. of couse not, he like so cute i can’t wait to se the movie

  7. GOD!!! TAYLOR IS SMOKIN”!!!!!!!!! ANd im sooooo bad at keeping my eyes iff him that even my BOYFRIEND knows im in love with him!!! GOd!!!!! I would skip school 4 ever if I could jump on the back of his motercycle and go off with him!!!!

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