Simone on the Road to New Moon


Name:  Simone Berry aka the future Mrs. Cullen

Age:  lets just say I’ll be the oldest one on the trip and leave it at that.

City:  New York

Status:  Permanently engaged

Occupation:  Creative Director of Signature Apparel at Rocawear

Other:  Figure out ways to get shit for free so I can save money.  Convincing my 16 year old daughter to read Twilight (she’s so anti)

Interests:  I’m a workaholic so my interrests outside of fashion are a lil limited but my loves are:
– The ever changing artistry of life.. you just never know what the day will bring
– Unfaltering obsession for all things Chanel.
– Fierce and foxy heels
– Art.. mostly appreciating
– Cooking.. mostly Jamaican food
– Staying in bed all day just because
– Avoiding exercise
– Smoking (yes I said it.  I don’t drink that much anymore, drugs well, that was the 90’s)  a girl needs a vice

Why are you on the Road to New Moon?:   Always wanted to go to Vancouver, love a girls trip and Twilight brings me back to a place of innocence (teenage giggles, butterflies, and anticipation).  Yes RPatz makes my clit clap but thats not enough for me to go cross country …  I love the fact that Stephanie Meyer woke up from a dream and wrote these books, the fact that most of the actors in the series are relatively unknown and they’re famous now.  Shit is so fucked up in the world and Twilight is my escape from it.. Such positive energy and it generates hope & of course love…  It’s addicting..


2 responses to “Simone on the Road to New Moon


  2. LipsLikeSugar

    You have a 16 yr old daughter? WOW you are one hot lady. I love what you wrote on why you’re on the road to New Moon. 🙂 oh and I’ve learned a new word! clip clap…hahaha

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