i.. can’t… type… right now….


i’m not sure how i feel about this latest “rumor” – my heart is throbbing and i’m dying inside. in my opinion – although i love nikki reed, i feel like she’s way too “naughty” for my innocent rpatz!!!! WAAAAAHHH!!!

HOWEVER, better her than megan fox or paris ANYDAY.


**on a side note, my life has been consumed of nothing but twilight, vancouver plans, and my real job. for everything else out there – i’m sorry, but you’ll have to wait until i get back from new moon. HAHAHHAHAHA

Source via Celeb9


5 responses to “i.. can’t… type… right now….

  1. o shit i hella thought we blogged this already lol. but omg there was another article that said they saw nikki reed leave his hotel room after spending the night there. gaaaah

    • yea we blogged about the sighting, but this is a new one… this one is from them getting “closer” while filming new moon!!! WAAAAHHHH

  2. to be honest i don’t mind at all. lol. they are two sexy ass people. ahah.

  3. i will say she looks way better as nikki reed than rosalie hale lol

  4. LipsLikeSugar

    GASP….someone saw Nikki leaving his hotel room? Nooooooo say it isn’t so!

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