i can’t be fooled, fool!

I was on my 7 am flight to la this morning and the random guy in the seat next to me pulls out his book to read for the hour long flight. I immediately recognize the large print and 500 page hard cover as none other than a book from the twilight series. One glance over and I see text from”eclipse”. Funny thing is, the cover is just plain black. homeboy removed the paper cover so no one would know he was reading it!! (just an assumption but I’ll put money on it). 


Hahaha. Dontcha know u can’t fool a twi-hard?! WTFucking idiot.


11 responses to “i can’t be fooled, fool!

  1. misslawncullen

    hahahahahahahaha!!!! Why he frontin’?!

  2. the funniest part ISSS he’s on eclipse WHICH MEANS he read twilight. lol. he needs to get out the twilight closet already.

  3. WTFool got caught!!!

  4. misslawncullen

    he read twilight AND new moon, lol

  5. LipsLikeSugar

    hahahahaha awesome!!! go dude!

  6. hehehe thats what my boss did when he had to fly on business….cept he was reading breaking dawn. bahahahaha! its all good….at least they’re reading em!

  7. i usually take off the cover to preserve it so that i don’t get it all wrinkled or ruined while i’m reading it… BUT he probably IS trying to hide the fact that it’s from the twilight series haha. there’s no need to be ashamed! my friend actually saw a biker dude reading twilight and he kept the cover ON.

  8. I was wondering what you were taking a picture of. LOL.

  9. hmm, i don’t read hardcover books with the paper cover on it, i always remove it before i read. i think it’s annoying, in fact i think all hardcover books are ANNOYING!!! haha

  10. I remove the jackets off of hard cover books. They’re annoying. Maybe he was just doing the same. Someone trying to hide wouldn’t have it out in front of him. Oh well…

  11. no one you need to know

    hey just a thought..maybe he took the cover off because he didn’t want to ruin it. I read what you wrote and automatically thought that, b/c that is indeed what I had done. Especially being that he was getting onto a plane. That makes total sense if you ask me. But hey, I’m just a die hard twilight fan as well, NOT looking to ruin the books in any way. It seems everyone today is only out to critisize others. It’s annoying.

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