All Hail The Wolf Pack

Or just PAUL for now. Jesus is it possible to imprint twice??? i hope so i just need to run into him once, just one time!!!

Alex Meraz w.k.a Paul

Alex Meraz w.k.a Paul

lord have the mercy.

im anticipating a scene i hope they create in New Moon. its pretty simple: (SPOILER ALERT)

  1. Paul loses his temper
  2. Paul phases out of control ripping all of his clothes
  3. Paul calms down
  4. Paul phases back to human form, naked with nothing to change back into until he reaches LaPush about 2 scenes later.

i should email my ideas to Chris Weitz


6 responses to “All Hail The Wolf Pack

  1. geez luiz…i can’t contain myself

  2. ome!!! i dont think chris would want to just a whole 2 scenes of this man naked, and I dont think his wife and child would appreciate it either…
    check out this blog all about him.. you will love it!!!

  3. wow im restarted, i didnt even read it before i posted it… im a dork!!!
    (want to have just 2 whole scenes)

  4. but he is pretty hot!!! and im kinda starting to wish I liked the wolfs from the beginning.. lol

  5. lol its cool you can start now. Join TEAM JAKE!!! run with the wolves i am seriously making t-shirts. im going to post the designs soon hahaha

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