Agenda for WTFly Ladies trip to Vancouver!!!

Ok all you WTFollowers – as you know, we’ve been planning a WTFun trip to Vancouver baby!!!!!

We’re all set, we’ve bought our tickets and will touch down the weekend of April 30th – soooo, for all you WTF readers out there, share with us some tips for:

  1. Where to shop.
  2. Where to party.
  3. Where to karaoke.
  4. Where to wine and dine.
  5. Where to stalk hopefully “run” into the cast!!!

WTFly ladies!!! Must haves for our trip:

  1. Someone bring a lap top so we can blog, if need be, i’ll bring mine!
  2. Someone bring lots and lots of treats and snacks for my heffer ass or else i’ll be a wtfuckin bitch with no food in my tummy!
  3. We’ll need some music that will become the soundtrack to this EPIC adventure (must include – Lady Gaga to get us pumped for the parties | Kanye West’s 808 to be the theme/storytelling for the road because we all know he based the album off of Twilight | Jamie Foxx for the nights we score on trapping the Cullen boys in our rooms | Janelle Monae for when we walk the streets of Vancouver lookin all WTFly and shiiiit | we MUST MEMORIZE the following songs for karaoke night: EYE OF THE TIGER – survivor, BABY GOT BACK – sir mixalot, BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY – queen, LIKE A VIRGIN – madonna, GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN – cyndy lauper, CALIFORNIA LOVE – tupac, SWEET CHILD O’MINE – guns n roses, LIVING ON A PRAYER – bon jovi, DON’T STOP BELIEVING – journey, HOT N COLD – katy perry, uhm what else am i missing??? hahahhaha)
  4. First aid kit – for all the walking and dancing we’ll be doing in heels.
  5. WTForks?! STICKERS – can we please get this made????

OK, i’m done – hit us up!!!! =)


7 responses to “Agenda for WTFly Ladies trip to Vancouver!!!

  1. 1. u DONT want my laptop its the gayest.
    2. i will bring SAFEWAY with me. dont even trip.
    3. i love that i already know all the words to all these songs. dont lie, i know u do too. hahahaha.
    4. the mother in me already has this packed
    5. yes yes PLEASSSEEEE!!!

  2. Hey I can make the stickers for you guys but it would cost money

  3. dude. i totally think of lady gaga too but not only to get pumped before the club but ‘cuz of track #3. i WOULD dedicate it to R. Patz IF i was SOME SORT of obsessed fan … but I’m not, IF i WAS though “paparazzi” would be my song to him lol:

    “I’m your biggest fan, I’ll follow u until u love me, papa, paparazzi, Baby there’s no other superstar, u know that I’ll be ur papa, paparazzi, Promise i”ll be kind, But I won’t stop until that boy is mine, Baby u’ll be famous, chase u down until u love me, papa, paparazzi”

    And no u didn’t pack already Rach.

  4. I cannot read WTForks anymore at work, I started to laugh out loud at my desk, and I think they’re suspecting my lack of work. haha.

    Im sure my laptop will be coming because I need it for the plane.

    just a girl – no doubt? ?

  5. fuck it, i’ll bring my laptop too i think… i need to clean it – john keeps using it with his greasy fingers – GAH ROSSSS!

  6. speaking of trips and such, have you ladies heard about the twilight cruise to alaska? =D my bf cringed when he saw me looking at the website. haha.

  7. misslawncullen

    omg, it’s 11:52pm and i’m just now looking out our blog!!! arrggh, you can’t even believe what kinda WTForks withdrawals i was having today. anyways, i’m workin my ass off so i can go on our trip… work free!!!

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