Let’s Get It On w/ Justin Chon


One of the most awesome parts about watching Twilight for the first time was finding out that they casted Eric Yorkie as an Asian American… how fuckin’ cool is that?! Well, maybe not to everyone but for us asian folk, it’s a pretty big deal. Then there’s the fact that the actor playing Eric is none other than Justin Chon, the owner of Attic which is a store that I’ve been selling my brand, Hellz Bellz to for a while now (and might I add, one of my best accounts… wink wink, hey Justin if you’re reading this… hook me up for the premiere).

Anywho, AllKPop recently did an interview with Justin aptly called Up in Justin Chon’s Attic, discussing how he started his store, Twilight (of course) and acting with heavy hitters such as Harrison Ford, Ashley Judd and R.Patz to name a few. 

After a round of high-fives to his staff, he’s ready to talk to allkpop. He’s dressed in a white dress shirt, vest and newsboy cap. Justin’s lucky he owns a clothing store because the jeans and shoes he’s sporting is from this very store. His store is incredibly colorful, vibrant and full of style and packed with urban street-look apparel merchandise from brands such as Nike, Reebok, and Puma as well as Korean American designer brands like the Hundreds. Justin started the store three years ago with his good friend Jimmy. “This is my baby. Growing up, I liked brands like LRG but it was really hard to find here in the OC so we decided to make the store locally.”

While Justin enjoys the Orange County life here in California, he’ll be flying to Vancouver Canada the next day to continue filming a little vampire flick called Twilight 2. Ever heard? He plays the character Eric Yorkie, a energetic student with enough personality to be a one man welcome wagon for heroine Bella played by Kristen Stewart. His other movie Crossing Over, a drama about immigration in Los Angeles, is the type of movie he would like to do more of in the future.

Uggghh, yeah you read it right, they straight up said “Twilight 2″… WTForks?!! It’s New Moon bitch… get it right, get it tight!!! Other than that horrific mistake, the interview is quite interesting and will give you a lil’ insight to the super humble Justin Chon… read the rest here.


2 responses to “Let’s Get It On w/ Justin Chon

  1. woot woot!!! hope we bump into him in van!!!

  2. he is sooo damn cute

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