happy WTFriday ladiessss!!!! 

its that time of the week..  this morning, i’m in the BEST mood for the following reasons:

1.  i booked a day trip to la for only $14 each way.  thank you jet blue!  lawn, i’ll see u tuesday!
2.  im planning to figure out where and when i jump on the Alex Meraz bandwagon cuz that dude is fuckin FFFIIINNNEEE.
3.  i threw a concert in my car on the way to work cuz my iPod somehow knew to play Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.  thank god for love and music. 

and here i go, singing my heart out, right before i do the “Wayne’s World head bang”…   


also, if u’ve noticed, we have another author listed!    please help me give teamJAKE a warm WTForks?! welcome.   we on a mission for domination bitches!   (right jess?)  hahaa…  happy Friday yall!


Whats uuuup WTForks!?
haha yes they said someone had to do it so here i am, team JAKE! lol the pack is in the building. 🙂

Today is a great day cuz of course its friday!
The best day to sit at your comp and ACT like your doing work.

its a bit harder for because i work in a huge cubicle shared by 4 ppl, lol but cant stop wont stop.

P.S i felt the need to catch the dude in the pic next to me because he is a closet twilight fan! Working late one night he caught me reading some twilight blogs and we had a 30 minute conversation about the casting for New Moon! hahaha.

Oh and im trying hard not to laugh in the pic because my phone makes a clicking noise when it takes a pic, i have no idea how to turn it off and that was like my 4th try trying to catch him. everyone kept asking what the noise was, but i played it cool, like huh?? what noise?? lololol.

im excited to be on the blog with the WTFly ladies, so much fun!



Nobody talk to me  – I had a long night.

And u see that pasty ass white hand in dire need of a tan? I’m SO on my way to being a Cullen.



its WTFkn raining out. i walked 10 blocks. my WTFeet are wet. socks and shoes are now drying in front of heater at work.


YES, that is spongebob mac and cheese. and in the brown paper bag is a TWILIGHT book my friend got me bc it has a poster in it lol.



misslawncullen here…

well, kinda here. i’m currently on a bunch of meds to treat my flu/bronchitis and wooooooooo, they are making me loopy like a muhfuh!!! i attempted to be productive today but bam ended up having to take me back home cuz i was literally sleep walking… uggh yeah, not cool. soooo, i’m home & about to go knock the fuck out!!!! peace…


sippin’ on some sssyss-surrrp!!! 


One response to “TGIForks?!

  1. that mac n cheese box made me hungry. haha

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