In love, With love.

So many people ask me on a day to day basis what the big deal with Twilight is – and I totally understand why.

Robert Pattinson supposedly doesn’t shower. The movie is “good,” but I’ve watched better. And for the last time, YES WE KNOW EDWARD CULLEN IS NOT REAL.

So then what is the big hoorah behind the phenomenon that has tweens breaking noses at malls during meet and greets and got 9 grown ass woman using their PTO towards a trip to Vancouver?

The answer is …


I’ve been meaning to write about this concept for quite some time but never could because I had so much to say and didn’t know where to even start. Luckily, my good ol’ MS buddy 7 said it more eloquently than I ever could in one of his blogs:

“People, I believe, are drawn to the movie beyond a handsome face and fairytale….

They are drawn to love.

A love that they desire within their own lives.

Nothing in my heart has ever changed regarding love.

You want what you see in that film or have read in the novel?

It is possible.

You simply must find the one whom is willing to be your own personal Edward Cullen.

Maybe one cannot climb, physically [on their own power] to the highest treetops in order to create and share the most beautiful of views that this world can offer…

But they can try.

And that is what matters most in love.

The trying.

What I saw was a great movie…

But I also saw the desire of many hearts in it as well.

Perhaps one fails at love.

But those stares

Those stolen looks

Watching someone as they sleep

The brilliance of beautiful words that only the heart can conjure and not the mind…

Are not relegated to fairytales and film.

They are real.”

Am I right, or am I right?

The book reminds me of how inconveniently convenient love is and how it makes so much sense out of nonsense. So in that context, I can definitely see the appeal of Twilight. It’s not about about a hot, glittery, vampire – although that is an EXCELLENT bonus.

It’s about an epic kind of love.

A love that has hopeless romantics of today no longer wishing for their Prince Charming to ride in on his valiant white horse, but for their Edward Cullen to come in through the window at night.


8 responses to “In love, With love.

  1. abigail. NO HOMO. but this.. almost melted my cold black heart.

  2. YOU ARE TOTALLY RIGHT! my friend asked why i liked the movie i said: “ok, the movie was cheesy, the acting was cheesy, the characters were cheesy, BUT COME ON – I’M A HOPELESS ROMANTIC – IT WAS THE PERFECT LOVE STORY!”

  3. ok srsly. you nailed it.

    its sooo not about the acting in the movie, it’s about how amazing the love is.

    not gonna lie, I got all teary eyed while reading the part when Edward proposed to Bella.

  4. so truuuue!
    words escape me, and im not a romantic at all, but this is spot on dude.

    true love at its peak frozen in time. WHAT could be better i ask you?

  5. misslawncullen

    i just shed a tear… that was beautiful doowa!!! now lemme get back to my freeze frame of R.Patz , hehehe 🙂

  6. Yes I agree. It is simply finding someone to love you like Edward loves Bella. Period. That is what we all want, I think. At least for me, I have my Edward Cullen and like Bella, I would do anything for him. (hehe and his name is Robert).

  7. Thank you for putting that so eloquently! I’ve been trying for weeks to describe it and you did it… perfectly!

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