300 Part Deux

jacob 300

So of course i HAVE to talk about the PACK. πŸ™‚

Looks like Lautner has fully stepped up to the plate for the role of Jacob in New Moon, and K.Stewart approves. I think hes going to pull it off!!
While R.Patt had to drop approx 30-40 lbs for his role in Twilight, Lautner had to gain 30lbs for his role in New Moon and apparently the end result is something to gawk at.

Ashley Greene spoke about it in an interview.

β€œHe looks like he’s in 300!” Ashley tells In Touch of the 17-year-old, who packed on nearly 30 pounds of muscle to play Jacob Black again.

β€œI was in the makeup trailer and I looked over as he was taking his shirt off and said to him, β€˜You’ve got to be joking!’” Ashley recalls. β€œHe looks fantastic. The girls are going to be satisfied, let me tell you!”

yessss. cant wait. haha. too bad hes like 16! 😦 these tweeny boppers got it good.

Who did yall have to gawk at around that age? umm.. B2K?


3 responses to “300 Part Deux

  1. B2K!!!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA – new kids on the block for me =) ooooooh yessss drrrroooooolllll

    that photo is HILARIOUS

  2. who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? NOT ME! lol

  3. misslawncullen

    ugggh… i’m an oldie so when i was 16 i was all about warren g, snoop dog, and tupac ohhhhh, and larenz tate in menace II society!!! hahaha, as you can see, i grew up in the hood, haha

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