Abi on the Road to New Moon


Name:  Abigail aka DooWaDitty

Age: 27

City:  Ain’t no game like FRISCO game

Status:  In a relationship but eagerly awaiting to use my “free pass” on a sparkly vampire whose name rhymes with Schmedward Fullen.

Occupation:  Professional slave and administrative assistant

Other:  “Go-Go” Getta and aspiring fashion designer.

Interests:  Eating ’til I gotta unbotton my jeans, laughing ’til I cry, Twilight ’til I die, ALL THINGS FASHION, writing like I get paid to do it, dancing like everybody’s watching, travleling as if I can afford to, singing as if I know how, chubby cheeked babies, and puppies, and polar bears oh my!  

Why are you on the Road to New Moon?:  Because I’ve gone too far with my current Twilight obsession not to.


5 responses to “Abi on the Road to New Moon

  1. HAHAHHAHAHAHA – can’t wait to party with you girls!!!

  2. So now I have 2 worry about u going up to vancover and raping a fictional character…. great just great what has this world come to? what happened T.I?

  3. deeeeeeeeyam!!! that is ONE FINE ASS LOOKING …. elote!!!!!

  4. San Fran baby..woohoo

  5. No you do NOT have an elote! wtf! they sell that mess in SF??!! and here i thought the elote man lived only in the wack a** Valley aka LA. ahha wtf.im goin to visit SF in one week and i better be able to get my elote fix on a poppin!!!

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