Yoshi on the Road to New Moon


Name:  Jessica aka Yoshi aka JCullenBlack

Age:  twenty six as of yesterday  (Happy Birthday Jess!)

City:  SF grown, NY flown

Status:  1 boyfriend, 1 fat cat, 1 skinny cat

Occupation:  Project Manager | Web Design Firm

Other:  Blogger for What The Forks?!Fatlace/Yoshi | itsDesignRelated | CtotheJL | Adventures of Yoshi

Interests: Fashion, sneakers, TWILIGHT, desserts, hairstyles, skateboarding, track bikes

Why are you on the Road to New Moon?:  I really would like to meet the cast and hopefully score a small Q/A sesh with them.  I wanted to show them that not only little girls freak out over the series, but GROWN ASS WOMEN with REAL LIVES/JOBS are obsessed!


6 responses to “Yoshi on the Road to New Moon

  1. i’m so boring!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH

  2. damn right, not all are 40 something mom’s or 6th graders.

  3. far from boring! your definitely by my definition a ROCKSTAR. haha

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  5. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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