::Excuse me while I take a cold shower::

So I get an email this morning from a fellow Twihard saying that this  article was posted on Facebook. I don’t wanna get TOO excited yet ‘cuz I hate getting blue balls (is there a female term for this ‘cuz I SO don’t know it) but if it IS true I’m apologizing to my bf for the future nights of neglect in advance and pre-ordering this shit ASAP!

According to 4TNZ, Meyer announced at a book signing in Las Bromas, CA on March 31st, that she has already completed Midnight Sun and it will be on shelves in May!

::Excuse me once again while I compose myself::

I’m still waiting for the news to be on Stephenie Meyers official website but in the mean time I’m going to allow myself to scream in rejoyce JUST ONCE in the bathroom later.


(Not the official book cover)

***UPDATE: According to the big boss lady herself, Stephanie Meyer says,

“despite some really tasteful Fool’s Day pranks on-line, I want to assure you that I am in excellent health, thank you very much. Also, I have no current plans to write any scripts, sequels, or collaborations, nor have I been to any conventions this year.”


9 responses to “MIDNIGHT SUN COMPLETED??!!

  1. oommmggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!

  2. OMG!
    my poor bf. He’s just getting over the neglect due to the book reading. (i’m newer to the twilight scene)

    can’t wait can’t wait.

  3. ::squeal:: ::shriek:: ::spazz::
    ooohhhh- EM – GEEEE!!
    cant wait till MAY. my birthdays in May too. how i love MAY

    did u see that??? shes going to write FULL MOON, New Moon from Jacobs perspective!?? GIG-AH-DEE

    i need some ppl to join TeamJake so i can celebrate to the fullest extent. Come to the dark side! we have T-Shirts! or we will, i promise to make some nice TeamJAKE para. lololol =P

  4. misslawncullen

    omg, i hope this isn’t an april fools day joke… crossing fingers that it isn’t

  5. dammit lawn i feel like a little kid whose candy got taken away from them. i totally forgot about that. WHAT A CRUEL JOKE IF IT IS!

  6. I refuse to get my hopes up! it being april fools and all…I can only be punk’d so many times before I start punching people! love you ladies!

  7. LipsLikeSugar

    Dammit all to hell! Those motherfuckers!

  8. I’m crushed. I planned out like 3 different shirt designs 😦
    Mean joke!

  9. awww damn

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