Show me the money!

i have a picture of (not so) epic proportions.
thanks to Perez Hilton for sharing stills from RPat’s new movie ‘Little Ashes’. umm…hello i still can’t see the goods cuz its tucked IN BETWEEN HIS LEGS!???! WTForks is that?
this is definitely not what i pictured when imaging him and all his sparkly glory. no not at all

see the uncensored pic after the jump!


7 responses to “Show me the money!


  2. it’s like when i saw a picture of t.i.’s baby boner 😦

  3. UGH – why can’t he stop eating junk food and tone up juuuust a lil

  4. I’d still hit it, tuck & all baby

  5. ARE you guy kidding me? This is a fucking RAD picture! The movie Little aAshes is going to be so Good!

  6. HUGELY annoyingTINYcreature

    oddly he’s still hot to me.

  7. totally a let down till ya stop and think about it … i’d totally love to see him this way in my bedroom one night. and would SO do him … top or bottom *growls*

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