Raaachem on the Road to New Moon

as promised, let me start by introducing.. myself.  =)


Name: Raaachem aka The New Mayor of Forks

Age: i just celebrated the 1st anniversary of my 25th birthday.

City: i hella ❤ SF

Status: married with baby.  always a lady. still fuckin crazy. sometimes lazy. definitely, maybe.

Occupation:  i work for the fuckin MAN.  thank god healthcare is an industry that is not affected by our current economic state.

Other: mother. daugher. wife. sister. blogger.

Interests: eating like i wont get fat.  traveling to my heart’s content.  quality time with my favorites.  sun kisses and son kisses.  i am a firm believer in retail therapy.  i sing and dance like my life is a musical. i love to laugh till my stomach hurts, and deep conversation sets my soul on fire.

Why are you on the Road to New Moon:  WTF? is this even a valid question?  i would just DIE inside if i missed out on hanging with my WTFly ladies in Vancouver.  just. die.   i’m all about quality time with quality people… and this fits the bill perfectly.


2 responses to “Raaachem on the Road to New Moon

  1. dude, read my “interests,” our shit is almost identical. no wonder we’re friends lol. “so meant to be.”

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