FFF’s about Alex Meraz

FFF’s are back and in full effect today with Alex Meraz, who in MY book is the new leader of the pack.

New World. New Moon. New Hottie.

Meraz played a Powhatan warrior in New World, which was his first big film. He auditioned for Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto, but unfortunately didn’t get the role because he didn’t look “Mayan enough.” Shiiit, he looks JUST FINE to me.

He’s got a nice ass that can kick ass!

Meraz has won numerous tournaments in karate, and Capoiera, and is considered a “pretty lethal mixed martial artist,” by fellow friend and actor Raoul Trujillo. MMA huh? He can arm bar me ANYTIME.

Dances with Wolves.

No, like for real for real – indigenous, and contemporary just to name a few. In fact, Meraz caught the attention of another choreographer while breakdancing on the streets of Phoenix, Arizona. He even impressed Colin Farrell with his moves at the New World wrap party. I wonder if he knows how to horizontal dance? Hmmm. ..

He works hard for the money.

During his birthday weekend, Meraz drove from Phoenix to Trujillo’s ranch in New Mexico just so he could help him with his New Moon audition. The drive is a total of 16 hours. Me and the mayor could SO use him during our 3 hour drive from Seattle to Vancouver next month.

He’s already imprinted.

So this fun fact is not fun AT ALL but it is definitely a fact. He is married to his Vietnamese-American wife named Kim, and have a child named Somak. Kim has read all the Twilight books and was the one who suggested the role to him. Twilight fan? OK fine, we won’t hate her.

For more reasons to love Alex Meraz, click here!


5 responses to “FFF’s about Alex Meraz

  1. edward WHO!?!?!?!?

  2. #($@#(FDLSKF damn hes MARRIED!? waaaaa there goes all my hopes and dreams. 😦

  3. NOOOOOOOOOO! now i know how Jacob felt when he couldn’t have Bella. =(



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